EIC White paper on
Transitioning from
DO-178B/ED-12B to DO-178C/ED-12C

Guidelines on Getting your Legacy Software Certified


In this white paper, we have depicted a step-by-step procedure for aerospace and avionics clients to migrate from older software development versions: DO-178/A/B to DO-178/C, satisfying the requirements of both RTCA and EUROCAE.

  • Understand the need for migration to latest DO-178C/ED-12C guidelines
  • Learn how changes reflect in the new document: errors and inconsistencies, usage of consistent terminology, wording improvement, how to use the document and more
  • Get introduced to DO-178C/ED-12C supplements including. model-based design and verification, software tool qualifications, object-oriented technology supplement, formal method supplement and supporting information
  • Learn about porting to DO-178C/ED-12C
  • Understand how eInfochips as a technology partner can help you support transition to latest avionics technologies

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