eInfochips White paper on
A “Unified Automation” Solution for
Web/Desktop/Mobile/Device Testing

Better automation coverage and faster automation
with optimized design patterns


In this white paper, we have discussed the need for a single, all-inclusive automation solution in enterprise QA practice.

Learn why a unified approach would work best in addressing the challenges and unpredictability of a real world QA environment rather than /*choose any*/ OOTB automation suites available online.

Key highlights

  • How to increase automation coverage for end-to-end test case scenarios in web/mobile/IoT devices
  • How to ensure speedy delivery of software, digital, web, SaaS and mobile applications/services
  • How to achieve optimized design patterns
  • How to incorporate in-built agility in your QA practice, once-and-for-all, to address recurring challenges including performance bottlenecks, skills shortage, time constraints and technical debt
  • eInfochips client use cases for Internet-of-Things solution players and smart device manufacturers.
  • EzTest, a test automation and management tool by eInfochips, yields up to 67% less automation effort/costs, 42% less automation script execution time and 58% less automation script maintenance time.

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