Leveraging 4k (Ultra-HD) Technology in
Advanced Medical Imaging

To be used in Medical Endoscopy, Laparoscopy and other
Minimally Invasive Procedures of Surgery and Diagnostics


4k Ultra-High Definition (U-HD) technology offers an impressively high resolution capability (3840x2160), compared to the most advanced HD (1080p) viewing standards available today. This translates to richer colors, greater vibrancy, and additional depth, that too at extreme zoom levels. The advent of 4k has profound implications for hospitals and care providers in areas like telemedicine, as well as for diagnostic product companies dealing in X-ray machines, CT scanners, MRI/ultrasound systems and nuclear imaging systems.

White Paper Contents

  • Need for greater image clarity in healthcare, the rise in minimally invasive procedures and the importance of 4K
  • Technical challenges in 4k implementation
    • Faster camera resolution rates
    • Streaming capability of ultra-HD visuals
    • Integration capability with solutions like Live555 for multiple parallel video streams
    • Support for latest video conversion encoders – H.264, H.265, MJPEG, AAC and more
    • Lack of reference designs in 4k camera market
    • Hardware needed (powerful GPU technologies)
  • eInfochips case study: FPGA-based 4k design for a Europe-based client
  • Design & engineering of 4k solutions based on future challenges in medical imaging

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