The smart camera reference design combines a state-of-the-art System On Module (SOM) incorporating NXP’s i.MX7D processor and ROHM’s BD71815GW Power Management Integrated Circuit (PMIC) with a baseboard that provides access to various sensors and peripherals via eInfochips’ Software Development Kit (SDK), including MicroSD and USB slots that enable developers to store data and interface with external devices such as a WiFi module for streaming audio and video to a smartphone. The built-in battery allows the device work in any location without wiring for power, and an LCD interface is included for enabling two-way video that may be required for certain applications.

The reference kit is comprised of a SOM module and schematics, baseboard with schematics and layout, and Linux BSP.

eInfochips NXP expertise

  • i.MX Application Processors
  • i.MX7
  • i.MX6
  • i.MX5x
  • i.MX3x
  • Low Power QUICC Processors
  • MPC8548E
  • MPC830x
  • Microcontrollers
  • MPC5200