Ecommerce Visual Search Technology

Give your online customers the power of the image-based search engine app to find the exact product of their imaginations.

Text is History: Welcome to the Future with Image Search


Case Study

Learn how a large eRetail company – a leading catalog retailer in North America - used the image search engine app to increase order conversion rate by 10% and $2M additional revenues in less than 4-5 months.

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White Paper

Read this white paper by eInfochips to learn how text based search engines are being superseded with the idea that a “picture is really worth a thousand keywords”, and how it marks a fundamental shift in the buyer experience strategy of retail and eCommerce players.

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How Visual Search Engine Works

The technical term used for visual search is Content-based image retrieval (CBIR). It originates from computer vision techniques, originally used in forensics and DNA studies where the search revolves around the image contents rather than the metadata. The term "content" would refer to colors, shapes, textures, or any other information that can be sourced from the image itself. Let your customer simply upload an image on the search engine app using their smartphones, and the intelligent algorithm works in the background to introduce closest possible matches in no time.

Visual Search - Revolutionize Buyer Experience in Ecommerce


Leverage the Power of eInfochips’ Visual Search Engine to

Improve the accuracy of search results by taking into account color, size, shape and other non-text characteristics while ignoring everything in the background or other image layers.

Unleash high performance with the fastest image-based search solution which can identify objects and sorting results at the same time.

Build connect with your prospects with intuitive, user-friendly search interface